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NOTE from Dr. Sulak: Below are just a VERY few of the many emails we received from participants of the LWA

wellness program. All the comments from participants regarding improvement in their body weight, blood

pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol values are too numerous to list. Several happily reported that their

healthcare providers were asking “What are you doing?” Importantly, emotional, social, and spiritual

improvements were also commonly reported. We are sorry we cannot list all the feedback but are humbled that

LWA elevated the lives of so many with a ripple effect in their families, workplace, and community. We hope

you join us for LWA 2023 as we continue the journey with updated information and new topics.


We love your program!!! When we need to miss we always watch the recording. It really has us thinking about meal

choices, being more active physically and trying to achieve a better mental state. I am thinking more often about living in

the moment and pacing myself. My goal is Living Well Aware longer, healthier, and happier. Keep up the great work!!

You are a wonderful influence on the people you are around!! Doug S


Thank you for all your interest in well-being for yourselves and then to share it with others. You both are amazing! I

came into these sessions in hopes to figure out how to lose weight and I came away with more than I could have

imagined. Taking care of the WHOLE self. I am committed! Sara T


You are impacting my life in a very powerful way. I am a much better person because of you. Thank you for all you

do! Dorothy G


I've read, and watched, and listened to lots of coaching on meditation, and I think your webinar was outstanding. What

makes it special is the image you offer of meditation as paying a visit to yourself. This image for me makes meditation

more accessible and compelling than the images I've had until now. Thank you for that! Cyndi


I had the best yearly checkup I have had in years! Wow! All my labs were about as perfect as I’ve ever had in years. My

weight was down 27 pounds. My blood pressure was 102/60 and my blood pressure meds have been cut back! I was

floating in the clouds and overwhelmed with excitement when I left her office! I have enjoyed so much your weekly

zoom meeting and plan to continue. Your encouragement has helped me to feel incredible and more alive than I have

felt in a very long time. Love you both! Kathy H


THANK YOU BOTH!!! We are "slowly" learning to live well aware, to reprogram our brains to think about the things we

put in our mouths as well as things we purchase from grocery shopping to spending wisely. I can hear Dr. Waxman saying

it's ok to take baby steps, just breathe. I can hear Dr. Sulak saying dump the BS, onward. It has helped more times than I

can count. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You two have changed my world and I thank GOD for placing you exactly

where you are and doing what you're doing. Teresa A


It's not just about weight loss (60+ pounds down since beginning of LWA) but about gaining a sense of possibilities

in life. Needless to say, people are starting to notice. I am becoming more confident with staying the course. What a

blessing you both are to so many. Exploring your passions and sharing your journey with so many has a ripple effect that

goes beyond the point of being measurable. You will never fully understand or be aware of the number of lives that your

work will affect. Mary P


The LWA class is the highlight of my week! The sessions really hit the nail on the head, really made so much sense. I am

trying to concentrate on what is best for me, not what other people expect. My stress levels have been so high for so

long, I didn't know what it would feel like to not be stressed. With your help, I am letting go of control and letting myself

enjoy the moments and be grateful. I want new results and am determined to have a better life and to be more aware of

my blessings. Thank you so much for having these classes, I feel they are truly lifesaving. Diana D.


I am addicted to the weekly dose of positivity I have been getting from LWA since the beginning of the year. I want,

need and depend on it. It is my great good fortune to have you on my support team! C. T.


I want to thank you and your husband for sharing your knowledge with us to help us become healthier. Your positive

mindset has influenced me. When I’m having a bad reaction to an event, I think “How would Dr. Sulak spin this around

to something positive.” It usually works! Thank you for having your program. Genie


We have thoroughly enjoyed every episode of LWA. We saw results at the start of the program. The baby steps and

mindset adjustments were easily achievable and sustainable. We made it through both holidays with no weight gain

with the Living WELL Aware toolbox. We are empowered to achieve many goals together now living the LWA

way. Many thanks! Kimberly K


Bam! What a great week this has been with you. You and your hubby are wonderful role models for wellness. I wish all

doctors had your insights into the mind, body, and spirit connection. I think it would change medicine and healthcare.

You and your team have blessed me! Thanks for all you do to promote wellness. Judy P


Just a quick THANK YOU for all you and Dr. Waxman are doing to promote health in our lives. I am enjoying the

information and your incredible energy. I really look forward to Tuesday nights. I’ve lost 10 pounds. I could go through

this class 10 different times and have a different experience each time. Thank you for taking us on a journey in an everychanging field. Kim H


I loved the guided meditation! It has helped me change the way I am looking at life. Thank you and Dr. Waxman for this

incredible journey. Diana


My husband and I are learning so much each week and applying it little by little and starting to center our life around

wellness! Marilyn


I’m SOOOOO loving this course. Thanks so much for what you are doing. I am one of the lives you have helped to

changed. Debbie C


Down 13 pounds! And intermittent fasting isn’t hard at all. Dan K


I am 88 and love your wellness course. Shirley


These webinars are phenomenal!!! I have lost pounds, my strength and stamina are increasing weekly, and I feel

happier/less stressed!!!! The good doctor’s LWA program is worth every penny!!! Thanks for helping me to think

differently about my health and keep me accountable! Darlene


After your presentation on Microbiomes / Harmful Habits, my husband and I are so excited to say we are in CAMP A:

Committed!!!!! Thank you for sharing your journey and teaching us how the body works. Your enthusiasm and passion

are contagious. I am learning each day how to dump the BS (blame/shame) and see myself differently. Teresa A


I am absolutely loving this series! You and Dr. Waxman are so amazing, encouraging, full of life! Seriously, you are such a

role model for me. The things I have learned thus far have encouraged me to care for ME. If I don’t care well for myself, I

don’t have much to offer to others. So thank you for giving me the permission to make my desired workouts a priority.

Thank you for giving me tools to take captive self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from the best version

of me. I find myself thinking I never want this series to end. I’m hooked! Kristin G