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The GO TO in School Wellness

The “GO TO” in School Wellness 

For Students and Employees


SCHOOLS are ideally positioned to take the lead in promoting health initiatives, implementing life-changing wellness for students, school employees, families, and the communities they serve.


FACT: The increasing death rate in children and adolescents in the United States is startling. Adults in America are also facing increasing health problems that negatively affect work performance, quality of life, and lifespan.


THE ANSWER: Schools are the backbone of communities and have the opportunity to lead the way in fostering greater well-being for children and adults throughout the school district’s population. Patricia J. Sulak, MD, a practicing physician, medical school professor, and national wellness speaker, is co-founder of Living WELL Aware. She is passionate about elevating the well-being of our schools and has been involved in school health for almost 30 years. Dr. Sulak was named a TEA Heroes for Children and received the American College of OBGYN Community Service Award for her involvement in school health. She believes schools are the ideal location to promote and implement wellness initiatives and has developed an educational program to foster this unique concept.


Living WELL Aware: The “GO TO” in School Wellness

With educational components for adolescents and adults, Living WELL Aware offers a unique team approach to improving health that is receiving rave reviews. Along with co-founder Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD, their adolescent health curriculum Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life is being implemented in school districts throughout Texas and beyond. Schools cite the many reasons they are choosing this one-of-a-kind program, including its ease of implementation along with acceptance, transparency, and components for parents. PDF: Reasons Schools Choose LWA 

Adults are also receiving this life-changing information. Dr. Sulak is a frequently requested speaker for school staff development and receives the highest speaker ratings from attendees. PDF: SCHOOL Speaker Kit  She also presents to businesses, organizations, and Education Service Centers throughout the state and is frequently asked to keynote state school conferences. PDF: List of Groups


CONTACT US TODAY!  Have your school take the lead in solving our current health crisis by implementing a team approach to health. We welcome the opportunity to add your school district to the growing list utilizing Living WELL Aware programs. Schedule a life-changing staff development wellness workshop or seminar this summer to elevate the health and happiness of employees. Check out the brief informational videos discussing our adolescent curriculum. 


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