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What We Offer

Living WELL Aware TM offers a wide array of presentations, conferences, webinars, and products that can be implemented as a one-time event, a comprehensive stand-alone wellness program, or as a supplement to any existing wellness program already in place.  The presentations and products are easily tailored to meet specific requests of businesses, healthcare institutions, organizations, and schools.



Keynote Address:   Dr. Sulak has addressed diverse groups throughout the country at meetings, conferences, in-services, and retreats.  Her keynote address receives enthusiastic reviews, empowering audiences to take ownership of their health and happiness. 


Seminars/Workshops: Dr. Sulak’s two to three-hour sessions can be tailored to specific requests.  Dr. Waxman often assists Dr. Sulak in these presentations.  Example topics include: 

  • The Eleven Essential Elements of Living WELL Aware
  • Food is Medicine:  Eat to Live 
  • Make Movement Mandatory: It’s About Survival
  • Got Stress?  Effective Management Strategies
  • Mindfulness Meditation:  Disconnecting from an Overconnected World
  • Your Self Image:  The Ruler of Your Life

Conferences:  The LWA Conferences are 4 to 6 hours of life-changing wellness information, implementation, and inspiration.  These motivating and energizing events receive rave reviews from attendees.  Dr. Sulak is often joined by Dr. Waxman who adds a unique perspective on his wellness journey.


Webinars:  To keep participants informed, inspired and engaged, Drs. Sulak and Waxman offer a weekly webinar series that can be tailored to needs and requests.  With specific permission, webinars can be recorded for later viewing by participants who cannot attend all the live webinars.



Book: Should I Fire My Doctor? is a quick read that introduces the 11 essential elements of health and happiness.

Workbook: Living WELL Aware:  Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness goes into further detail on the essential elements with worksheets and resources.  It’s a great workbook to complete individually or in a group and as a part of the webinar series.

Journal:  My Journey to Living WELL Aware is a 52-week wellness assessment, goal strategy, weekly planner, and daily journal.  Individuals who record their goals and plans along with journaling are much more likely to implement and maintain desired changes.  My Journey is an all-in-one resource to do just that.

Audio Course:  LWA WELLNESS Audio Program is a comprehensive wellness course composed of 13 lessons of 40 to 50 minutes each conveniently divided into 3 to 5 segments.  This course is not a duplicate of the other materials, going into further detail on all aspects of wellness.  The audio course is available as a download or on thumb drive.