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Living WELL Aware 2022 Yearlong Program




Living WELL Aware 2022

Getting Healthier and Happier!


Want to take your life to a higher level: Physically? Emotionally? Socially? Financially? Spiritually?  All of the above?  That’s what Living WELL Aware 2022:  Getting Healthier and Happier is all about.  This life-changing wellness webinar series and yearlong program is delivered by Living WELL Aware co-founders Patricia J. Sulak, MD and Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD.  In terms everyone can easily comprehend, Drs. Sulak and Waxman explain how our body works, what makes us sick, and the many proven ways we can live healthier and happier.  LWA 2021 Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 participants are giving the program a five-star Thumbs UP.  Attendees have learned and implemented the information with life-changing results:  weight loss, increased stamina/muscle mass, stress reduction and improved emotional well-being, more fulfilling relationships, and much more.  (Click here for a few LWA 2021 Reviews).

You have requested more in 2022 with a yearlong format, and we are going to deliver!  There is so much wellness information NOT covered in the 2021 series.  The LWA wellness webinars and yearlong program will begin January 2022 with new topics and updated information.


COMPONENTS of the program include:

  • 1. Webinar Series:  A total of 15 webinars will be conducted via Zoom beginning January 11, 2022 and concluding the end of April or beginning of May.  Sessions will usually be Monday or Tuesday evening at 6:30pm CT with an occasional Saturday morning workshop interspersed among the sessions.  Webinars will be held on an approximately weekly schedule depending on Drs. Sulak and Waxman schedule.  The introductory webinar to set the stage for improved health will be held Tuesday January 11 at 6:30pm CT. Recordings will be available to registrants for all sessions for 72 hours.  Potential topics to be covered in the webinar series include:
    • Health Update - - The Latest Data
    • Managing Our Cholesterol – Better!
    • Glycemic (Blood Sugar) Control:  A CRITICAL Aspect of Our Health
    • Wellness Devices – Which are helpful?
    • Cancer Prevention: What works?
    • Body Detox – Doing It Naturally
    • Heart Rate Variability and Rhythm Disorders
    • Circadian Rhythm and Sleep
    • Your Brain:  Understanding HOW It Operates
    • Brain Health:  LIFESTYLE is KEY!
    • Fasting and Autophagy:  Pathways to Health and Longevity
    • Spices, Herbs, Supplements and more
    • Understanding Depression and other Emotional Disorders
    • Pursuing Longer Life – and what it means
    • Reviews of suggested books on wellness topics.
    • And much more

NOTE:  All topics above may not be covered.  Others may be substituted depending upon requests.

  • 2. Weekly Health Tips:  Every week during the series and throughout the year each registrant will receive an email with additional information and inspiration to stay focused on wellness and desired outcomes.
  • 3. Book Suggestions / Reviews:  During 2022, book discussions will be held.  Book selection will be announced in advance.
  • 4. Monthly Webinars beginning after the conclusion of the webinar series on selected topics and book reviews through December 2022.
  • 5. Q&A with Dr. Sulak and Dr. Waxman via Zoom and email.  Attendees can ask questions via email or during the Zoom webinars and share successes and challenges.


Make 2022 The Year to Remember, THE YEAR of the NEW YOU, as you travel with like-minded folks focused on implementing health strategies that will improve ALL aspects of life – physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual.


Registration Online: under PRODUCTS/REGISTRATION

  • The fee for the LWA 2022 webinar series AND the yearlong monthly webinars and weekly emails throughout 2022 is ONLY $195. Yep, that’s it for a full year of Wellness Information, Inspiration, and Implementation strategies by Drs. Waxman and Sulak to help with Installation into your life for greater well-being.
  • To receive the Zoom links for the webinars, we must have your email address.  We also need your Zoom name or phone number to identify you to allow you admittance to each Zoom webinar.
  • Register online or to pay by check and avoid credit card fees, mail payment with email address to:  Living WELL Aware  P. O. Box 551, Temple, Texas 76503
  • For questions, to pay via Venmo, and for LWA 2022 Group Discounts, contact Gabe Waxman, LWA Director of Operations, at
  • Does your business / organization want a private LWA webinar series in 2022?  Contact Us!


Give the GIFT of WELLNESS to your spouse/partner, family members, coworkers, friends!  REGISTER TODAY for LWA 2022. For questions, contact Gabe at