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Teacher and School Staff Training


FREE Virtual

SCHOOL Wellness Training

Tuesday, January 2, 2024 

8:30am to 11:30am

By Patricia J. Sulak, MD


This training is life-changing

and has never been more important!

(Open to anyone involved with youth.)


FACT:  Death rates for adolescents and adults are increasing in the U.S. The causes are many including drug overdoses, suicide, accidents, violence, and many medical illnesses including heart disease, liver disease, and cancer. 

THE GOOD NEWS:  There are proven prevention strategies to lower our risks of all health problems and elevate our health and happiness.  That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!  Co-Founders Patricia J. Sulak, MD and Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD have made the decision to offer this training FREE to elevate the well-being of our youth, families, school employees, and communities.


The Living WELL Aware Wellness Training will be held virtually on Zoom January 2, 2024. Get the latest in life-changing adult and adolescent wellness information.  This training is ideal for teachers assigned to implement adolescent health curricula and also school nurses, counselors, social workers, curriculum coordinators, administrators, and parents, SHAC and school board members. All aspects of adult and adolescent health will be discussed including an update on teen pregnancy, STDs, emotional issues, drug abuse, violence, sexual abuse, and much more.  Strategies to improve adult and adolescent physical, emotional, and social well-being will be included.   The training will conclude with details and instruction on how to implement Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life – The Guide to Adolescent Wellness.


The training is conducted by Patricia J. Sulak, MD.  She is a nationally recognized, award-winning practicing physician, medical school professor, researcher, and speaker.  Dr. Sulak passionately delivers her messages of wellness to members of schools, businesses, and organizations throughout the country.  Through her involvement in school health for over 25 years, Dr. Sulak understands the school health requirements, and what schools and parents want and don’t want in a health education curriculum.  Here are the many reasons districts are choosing Dr. Sulak’s program:  LINK  TO PDF 10 REASONS


The training will be conducted on Zoom.   Register by emailing Gabe Waxman, LWA Director of Operations, at your NAME, SCHOOL DISTRICT, JOB TITLE/FUNCTION at the school and EMAIL ADDRESS to receive the Zoom link.  SHAC members and parents are encouraged to participate.  Let’s get schools, families, and communities healthier and happier by creating a wellness mindset.  Don’t miss out on this life-changing training.


Let’s get healthier by Living WELL Aware!  

See ya on Zoom January 2, 2024.  


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