In order to make any major change in life that improves our health and happiness and continue to implement that change throughout our lives, we have to have a big enough WHY.  It helps if we have constant reminders.  That happened to Jeff and me this month.

We got to see firsthand WHY we want to continue to maximize all aspects of our health: Physical, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Spiritual. Those of you who know my husband, Jeffrey Waxman MD, know he loves to travel – often to remote places.  He arranged an “active” get away to Peru to explore the Amazon River and Machu Picchu.  It involved trekking through the jungle and doing some climbing at high altitudes.  Interestingly, although we are both in our 60s, Jeff was the youngest on the trip. Most were in their 70s while several were in their 80s.  Dick was the oldest at age 90!  Most had been employed professionals during most of their adult years.  By living WELL aware and preparing for the future – physically and financially – they are able to do what most will not be able to do.  Too often in my medical practice I encounter people who work decades of their life and then spend retirement dealing with health and financial issues – many that were preventable or better managed by a frugal, healthy lifestyle.

What do you want to be doing in your 80s?  90s?  As I constantly reinforce in my 52-week planner / goal and health assessment My Journey to Living WELL Aware, DREAM BIG!  What will it take to get there?  Come up with a plan and make it happen.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

TEXAS A&M College Station:  I’m looking forward to speaking to TAMU employees on Thursday, March 29 at 11 am at the General Services Complex.  ALL TAMU employees are invited, so come on over!  I will be discussing my personal trials and triumphs of taking on My Journal to Living WELL Aware (and there are TRIALS!) and also the ONE THING we can all do that will dramatically decrease our risks of disability, diabetes, dementia, and death.

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