As a practicing physician at a major academic healthcare institution, I am privileged to hear from experts from around the world.  Last week I attended a presentation given by a cancer specialist.

Our therapies for many types of cancer have dramatically improved resulting in higher rates of cure, for example certain leukemias and breast cancer.  Unfortunately, some cancers are still “bad actors”.   This physician focused her talk on cancer patients who had failed standard drug regimens.  She went through a list of drugs available for a few particular types of recurrent female pelvic cancers and emphasized to the audience of physicians that these drugs were not curative but primarily to “buy time” in those who had failed everything else.  She detailed numerous studies that revealed that these last resort drugs at most prolonged survival for a few months longer compared to patients who did nothing.  The drugs were also associated with numerous side effects such as fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, and liver damage to mention only a few.

It made me think.  We all have a fatal disease.  We are all dying – we just don’t know how or when.  It’s an unavoidable condition of our human existence.   BUT, there are “treatments” that can prolong our life for years, a decade or longer, that are NOT associated with fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, liver disease, and numerous other side effects.  They also don’t cost you, your insurance company, your employer, or taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year.  These medical wonder strategies are called healthy food consumption, daily movement, limiting alcohol, no tobacco, and getting to your ideal body weight.  If we want to live longer and livelier, the data on these habits are not disputable.

If you were faced with recurrent cancer that had failed many therapies and were given the option of a treatment that was associated with numerous side effects to prolong life a few more months, what would you do?  Maybe yes?  Maybe no?  I personally don’t know what I would do.

But, since we all have a fatal disease called “being human”, what if you knew there were documented things YOU could do now that would prolong your life by YEARS that did not cause harmful side effects?  Would you implement them today?  The regimen: Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Central Baptist of Round Rock for having me speak at their Ladies Night Out event last week.  What a fun, informative evening.  And, thanks to the packed room at Texas A&M College Station last Wednesday who turned out to hear me present on the topics of Sleep and Life/Work Balance.  I look forward to returning to the General Services Complex at A&M next month June 28 to speak on Building Momentum:  Keys to Making Quantum Leaps in Your Health and Happiness.

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