I’m continually amazed at what I see on the numerous TV screens at the gym where I work out.  I was on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago and noted that one screen was airing an ad for a soon to be released blockbuster movie.  The reviews, of course, were amazing because they definitely would not publicize a negative critique.  I was intrigued by one review that consisted of two words that filled the screen for greater emphasis.

MUST SEE!  Really?  The makers of this movie are trying to convince me that I “must see” this film, or I’ll have really missed out.  How often are we exposed to marketing that tells us we “MUST” see, do, or buy whatever they are selling?  Constantly!  Advertising companies are amazingly good at psychological tactics to make us think that we will be happier if we just buy what they have to offer.

As I was thinking about this, an idea came to me.  What ARE the MUST SEE, MUST DO and MUST BUY in our lives that would truly elevate our health and happiness?  With the massive marketing in countless media outlets today, it is so easy for all of us to be brainwashed into seeing, doing and buying things that drain our money and minutes.

Let’s continually implement Essential Element #5: Meticulously Manage Money and Minutes, investing our time and dollars on things that WILL lead to true health and happiness rather than filling the bank accounts of companies that are keeping us from the best version we are capable of being.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Immanuel Baptist Church for having me speak to their luncheon group last week.  I look forward to speaking at Texas A&M May 16 on the critical issue of SLEEP and LIFE/WORK BALANCE.

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