In the pursuit of maximizing our health and happiness, it’s important we don’t leave out any of the World Health Organization 5 aspects of wellnessPhysical, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Spiritual Health.  While the Living WELL Aware Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness includes all 5 areas, more compelling data is appearing supporting this essential element:

MOVE!  The data on the benefits of Essential Element #3 Make Movement Mandatory continues to confirm its importance in our health and happiness.  Physical Inactivity is overtaking smoking as the #1 killer worldwide.  The benefits of physical activity are too numerous to ignore including a reduction in diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer.  An article published this month in the journal Neurology entitled Midlife Cardiovascular Fitness and Dementia detailed the results of a 44-year study involving women and dementia.  Women with the greatest cardiovascular fitness had an 88% reduction of developing dementia compared with those with medium fitness.  The group with low fitness had an increased risk of dementia.

How many of us are dealing with a family member or friend with dementia?  How can we reduce the odds of personally developing this disability and many other health disorders?  Let’s all assess our level of physical health.  Unless you are already in the top tier of maximal fitness, consider cranking your program up a notch.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Rotary Club of Greenville Texas and United Way of Hunt County for having me as a speaker this week, and thanks for all you do to help those in need in your community and beyond.  It was an honor speaking to the great people of Greenville and Hunt County!

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