It’s July, the halfway point of the year.  How’s 2018 going?  Are you:

  • on track, making major improvements?
  • struggling with an ongoing or new challenge?
  • in limbo, not sure what to do or how to do it?
  • all of the above, in certain aspects of your life?

No matter where you are right now, one thing is for sure:

We all want to be a better version of our current self.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this, and I wouldn’t have written it.  Pat yourself on the back and high five that amazing image in the mirror – YOU!  Give yourself a break.  You are doing what the overwhelming majority do not do:  You are seeking Information, Implementation strategies, and Inspiration to have the life you desire.

The questions for all of us: 

  • What IS my destination? Where do I see my best self: physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually?
  • What is my roadmap, my plan, to that destination?

How do you decide who and where you want to be?   You must first dump the who and where you are now that is no longer to be tolerated.  You must decide who you DON’T want to be.  At the beginning of this year, I analyzed aspects of my self-limiting image (we all have them) and determined areas of my life that I would no longer endure.  I envisioned a better version of myself in these areas.  I’ve made some great headway, and this month I have decided to kick it into gear and build momentum into the second half of 2018.  By doing so, I will get closer at the end of the year to The New Me.

Continue to do what you are doing right now:  INVEST in wellness.  What can you do right now individually, in your family, in your workplace to help you and those around you improve the quality of life?  It’s about living, not just existing day to day.  It’s about living well, having the life you deserve.

It IS about Living WELL Aware!

Join us in Montana September 26-28, 2018:  Check out The Rock Stars of Health Summit (rockstarsofhealth.com/about-us/) at the University of Montana geared towards individual and workplace wellness.  The speaker lineup is impressive.  My husband Dr. Jeff Waxman and I have been asked to conduct a full day truly innovative wellness conference on September 26.

Can’t make it to Montana?  Have us conduct a Living WELL Aware Conference for your organization.  It’s life-changing! (Click here for a list of some of the Living WELL Aware Conference topics)

Have Dr. Sulak Speak

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Let’s all work on getting healthier and happier by Living WELL Aware