I think we have all heard the saying: “It’s not about me.”  Really?

Is it about me?  Right off the bat, I want to admit I was hesitant in writing this blog because it could be misinterpreted by a few.  But, my husband said: “Go for it.”

How about thinking: “Living well aware STARTS with me.”  The only person I can change is myself.  If I improve any aspect of my life (physical/emotional/social/financial/spiritual), I can better understand and assist those around me.  It is up to me to make this place a better world by first being the best example I can be.

The World Health Organization (WHO) agrees and states that we should pursue individual wellness to obtain an optimal state of health to meet the role expectations of others.  The WHO also includes spiritual health as an important aspect.  For me personally, it’s important to be guided by a higher power, not our current culture of complaining, convenience, consumption, and complacency.

How often do we find ourselves disgruntled about what others are doing or saying?  Instead, the next time we find ourselves talking negatively about someone, let’s look at ourselves and ask:  What do I need to change?  Instead of judging others, how can I improve to ultimately achieve the purpose for which I was created?  Who can I help? That’s much tougher.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

Thanks to Baylor Scott & White Health for having me speak last week at the 37th Annual Internal Medicine Conference in South Padre Island.   It was an honor to speak to so many healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the lives of their patients.  But, let’s not forget to be the best examples we can be!  ONWARD!

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