We all have many things we need to “maintain” in our life:  vehicles, yard, house, swimming pool, lawnmower, etc.  Why is it we can leave out the most important maintenance item?

Ourselves!  I submit that having a body checkup should be a more important priority than a car tune-up.  Unfortunately, for millions that is not the case resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary life-altering disabilities and deaths each year.  Just like our cars need all sorts of upkeep (oil changes, lubrication, pressure checks, etc.), so do we!

Do you know your blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, cholesterol profile?  Are you up to date on appropriate cancer screenings such as breast, prostate, and colon?  Have you had an eye exam to check for glaucoma and any retinal disease?  Dental appointment?

I’m glad I don’t have to bug my husband about keeping all aspects of his health on the priority list.  A few years ago, he had a sleep study because his snoring was driving me crazy.  The result:  he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition that has also been shown to increase one’s future risk of heart disease and dementia.  In his case, the problem was easily solved with a specially fitted mouth device to correct his breathing problem – a life changing improvement, for both of us!  This year alone, he has already had his annual physical, dental, eye and hearing appointments.  While he maintains a healthy lifestyle daily, he knows he must also rely on medical professionals if he is to maximize his livelihood and longevity.

I chose this topic for today because a friend of mine told me this week that she is scheduled for her colonoscopy on Monday for colon cancer screening.  It’s something she has been putting off for “years” but is finally checking it off the list.  What about you?  Are you up to date on ALL your screenings?  Have a health issue that needs to be “serviced” further such as cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, or weight?  Don’t wait for a health-related tragedy to deal with something that could have been prevented.

What do you need to tackle this week?  Make sure all your personal possessions and body exterior appointments (pedicures, manicures, hair styling, make up, etc.) are secondary to activities that address your personal health.  Put yourself on the “INTERIOR BODY MAINTENANCE” schedule this week!

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

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