Leaders:  We can all think of famous people who have gone down in history as being remarkable leaders in government, business, religion, sports, or war such as George Washington, Gandhi, Billy Graham, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Vince Lombardi, Steve Jobs – to name a very few.  We can also think of leaders in our personal lives. For me, my amazing parents, my department chairmen at the hospital where I work, the leadership of Altrusa International of Temple who inspire the entire club to greatness in helping so many in need. We should look for leadership in another important area. 

Who is leading us to greater health and happiness?  I submit we should all “take the lead” in this area, for ourselves and those we serve.  I have been privileged to witness great examples of leaders of organizations, businesses, and schools who took the lead in promoting wellness.   I was asked to present a wellness conference to employees of a small university in Texas. The president showed up to introduce me. I thought he would probably leave shortly afterwards.  No, he stayed for the entire conference. A superintendent had me present to all the school employees, and he participated in the entire day. A business owner organized a day-long conference for his employees and their spouses/partners.  He and his wife were there on the front row to show their support and commitment. He shared with me how successful his business was financially, but he knew that many of his employees were engaged in very unhealthy habits. He took the lead to promote wellness because he truly cared about them, not just making money.

Let’s take the LEAD in promoting all aspects of wellness (physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual), making it a priority in our own lives and that of those who depend on us.  It should not be “optional”. Our businesses, schools, organizations, and families will reap the benefits.  

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Baylor Scott &White Health Department of Pediatrics for allowing me to speak to staff physicians, residents, and medical students last month on The 7 KILLERS of Wellness and the 6 KEYS to a Successful Wellness Journey.  Thanks for dedicating your lives to helping children in need.  Take the lead in being the best example of health. ONWARD!

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Let’s all work on getting healthier and happier by Living WELL Aware!


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