While my husband and I quit watching TV years ago, we continually search out informative, inspiring educational video programs.  Last week we were viewing a program by an expert in the art of success in one’s life.  He had listeners stop and answer this question:

Who has helped you be successful in any area of your life?  Who are these people?  Write their names down right now.  Begin thanking them by calling them, sending a handwritten note, or even sending an email.  We did just that.  I started making my list.

I thought of several people who helped support me in my medical career in research, education, and clinical practice; several who helped me expand my wellness program by giving me suggestions and opening doors to speaking opportunities; friends who encouraged me to get involved in community volunteer activities.  The list went on and on.

Importantly, I thought of family members.  While I couldn’t personally thank my amazing parents who are no longer with us on earth, I definitely thought of them and sent thoughts of immense appreciation upward to them.  I also thanked my husband for all his input, support, and unwavering love, and my caring sons for all their assistance, expertise, and advice in so many areas throughout the years.

Who do you need to thank?  Who has made your life just a little better by their actions?  Right now, make a list and start checking them off as you contact them with your gratitude.  Thank someone RIGHT NOW.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Knapp Medical Center for having me speak last week at the Annual Rio Grande Valley Medical Conference in McAllen, Texas.  It was an honor presenting to so many healthcare professionals who are dedicating their lives to help the people of south Texas.   I look forward to coming back to the Rio Grande Valley.

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