In the pursuit of maximizing our health and happiness, it’s important we don’t leave out any of the World Health Organization 5 aspects of wellness:  Physical, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Spiritual Health.  This aspect of health is definitely NOT to be ignored:

Social Wellness!   As I read about the lives of people who had amazing longevity, often living into their 100s, one of their common characteristics was a strong social network of family and friends.  They were surrounded by an immense support system.  (Living WELL Aware Essential Element #11: SEEK and SECURE SUPPORT)

In my wellness journey, I realized my social wellness could be improved.  About 5 years ago I joined one of the most active volunteer organizations in my community:  Altrusa International of Temple.  This has resulted in my list of Best Friends growing by leaps and bounds.  I also started a Book of the Month club about 3 years ago which has turned into a dinner club with all members supporting each other.  This year, I started a monthly Spiritual Wellness Group to expand my inner circle and further my spiritual health.

The relationships I have sought out and developed over the past few years have been a blessing beyond what I ever imagined.  Over 25 of my Altrusa sisters and many of my closest friends drove over an hour to attend my father’s funeral services last year.  None of them had ever met him.  They were there for me.

As Jeff and I were preparing for an out of the country trip last week, my friends came to the rescue again.  Two days before we were to leave, my 92-year-old mother-in-law got notified that the assisted living place she was waiting for had an opening.  She had to move now or lose her place on the list.  Family and friends jumped in to help.  My youngest son came into town to help grandma with the move including helping her put pictures all over the walls.  My neighbor Paul not only lent us his pickup truck but insisted on loading and unloading the truck with my son.  He and his wife Caroline also kindly said they would keep an eye on our house.  My friends Beverly, Susan, and Mary told me not to worry.  They would visit mom while I was gone to make sure she was OK and settling into her new digs without any difficulties.  They were applying LWA EE#6: GRACIOUSLY GIVE YOUR GIFTS.  You have no idea how relieved I was since part of our upcoming trip involved traveling in a remote area with no internet or phone service for several days.

How’s your social wellness?  Does it need to be expanded?  How can you help others?  Having an inner circle of family and friends is a KEY component of improving your health and happiness, including increasing your longevity.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

NOTE:  In next Sunday’s blog, I will give you the bottom line on the Keto Diet.

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