We all have aspects of our lives that we need to work on.  Some are minor issues creating nuisance problems while others can be leading us down a path of unhealthiness and unhappiness.  To address whatever is keeping us from soaring to the amazing life we desire and deserve, we often have to get to this point:

ENOUGH!  We have to say: “I’ve had it.  No more!” We have to get to the point that we refuse to continue down the same path with the same results, living in the same circumstances with the same emotions and feelings.  We have to ask better questions.  Instead of:

  • Why can’t I lose weight or stop smoking or cut my drinking?
  • Why can’t I stick with a fitness program?
  • Why can’t I stop worrying or being anxious or depressed about things in my life?

We need to move from reactive thinking to creative questioning:

  • HOW am I going to lose weight or stop smoking or cut my drinking?
  • WHAT steps can I take right now to establish a lasting fitness program?
  • WHAT options are available to improve emotional well-being?

The good news:  Each of us at any moment can evaluate our lives and say, “The buck stops here!”  We can go from REACTIVITY to CREATIVITY.

That’s exactly what I’m doing.  At the beginning of this year I said “Enough is enough!”  I began making improvements in cleaning out the disaster I call my house – one shelf, drawer, closet at a time.  I started understanding our family finances instead of having my husband do everything and me knowing absolutely nothing.  I created a Spiritual Wellness Group which has elevated my well-being.  I gave myself a year to slowly make major strides in these and other areas and came up with plans to make it happen. In the past, I failed in many areas because I didn’t have specific written goals and plans with scheduling and monitoring.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed! But you can climb out of that hole by asking better questions. And guess what? You’ll get better answers! By writing down your goals and plans and monitoring your progress, you’ll build momentum to tackle even bigger issues.

I recommend you post this quote by N. R. Narayana Murthy in several places as a reminder:

“Growth is painful. Change is painful.

But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”


What do you need to say “ENOUGH” to?  Is it your weight, fitness, finances, work situation, relationships, commitments, spiritual well-being?  Ask better questions!

Come up with a plan and make it happen by Living WELL Aware!

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