As many of you are aware who regularly read my weekly One Minute Wellness, I committed to cleaning out my entire house (every drawer, shelf, closet) by the end of 2018. A lot of things are finding a new home while numerous items are finding their way to the dumpster.   I was taking stuff out to the garbage, and it made me think.   What else do I need to:

DUMP!  Not just possessions cluttering my house and my life, but thoughts and activities that are keeping me from achieving greater health and happiness.  Any of you need to dump any of these from your life?

  • Unhealthy food: fast food, high-fat dairy, too many carbs, etc
  • Excess TV, social media, movies
  • Superfluous expenditures leading to lack of sufficient savings and ultimately unhappiness
  • Unkind thoughts toward anyone including yourself
  • Shame, guilt, or anger over a past event
  • Anxiety or worry over things NOT under your control
  • Excessive alcohol consumption (more than 7 drinks per week)


The list goes on and on.  Why?  We are human with all our imperfections.  We are a work in progress.  The biggest things I’m trying to dump in my life right now:  worrying and stress!  Can you relate to that? The more we focus on what is in our control and what is not, AND the more we immerse our thoughts in gratitude, we find a sense of calm and contentment not agonizing about the past or the future.   We are living in the present.  Inside of us is an amazing person full of peace, joy, and love – – trying to get out!

What do you need to DUMP, to remove from your life?  What self-limiting, false thoughts are holding you back?  It’s NOT what your family or friends need to dump.  This is about your journey to an amazing life.  By doing so, others may jump on the wagon – when they are ready to do so. What’s the #1 thing you need to dump – today.

It’s about Living WELL Aware!

A BIG THANK YOU to Pecan Valley Centers for the opportunity to conduct my Living WELL Aware conference last Monday to over 200 employees and guests in Granbury Texas.  So many shared their desire to make health and happiness a priority.  I’m honored to travel this journey with you.

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