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Weekly Webinar Testimonials



“Bam!  What a great week this has been with you.  You and your hubby are wonderful role models for wellness.  I wish all doctors had your insights into the mind, body, and spirit connection.  I think it would change medicine and healthcare.  You and your team have blessed me!  Thanks for all you do to promote wellness.”  Judy


“Just a quick THANK YOU for all you and Dr. Waxman are doing to promote health in our lives.  I am enjoying the information and your incredible energy.  I really look forward to Tuesday nights.  I’ve lost 10 pounds.  I could go through this class 10 different times and have a different experience each time.  Thank you for taking us on a journey in an ever-changing field.”  Kim


“Loved last night class!  We need more meditation training!  It was amazing!”  Judy B


“The LWA class is the highlight of my week!  With your help, I am letting go of control and letting myself enjoy the moments and be grateful.  Thank you so much for having these classes.  I feel they are truly lifesaving.” D.S.D.


“I’m new to meditation and really appreciated your insights and guided session Monday night.  Great class!  BTW: I purchased the air purifier you recommended and am loving it.  Thanks for all the quality recommendations to better health.”  KH


“I love that you and Dr. Jeff are dedicating so much of your time and energy to teaching others what you’ve learned about how to live!  There is no more important contribution that anyone could make in our broken world.”  Cyndi


“I loved the guided meditation!  It has helped me change the way I am looking at life.   Thank you and Dr. Waxman for this incredible journey.”  Diana


“My husband and I are learning so much each week and applying it little by little and starting to center our life around wellness!”  Marilyn


“I’m SOOOOO loving this course.”  “Thanks so much for what you are doing.  I am one of the lives you have helped to change.”  Debbie


“Down 13 pounds! And intermittent fasting isn’t hard at all.” Dan 


“Thankful to God for your commitment to this program.”  Hortencia


“Can’t tell you how much it helps to have you as a ‘life coach’.” Judy P


“Thanks to you and Dr. Waxman for sharing your passion.” Robin 


“I am so glad I decided to do LWA Zoom. It is helping me to maintain my focus on me and my personal growth. I am getting to know myself better.”  Sally 


“I am 88 and love your wellness course.”  Shirley


“These webinars are phenomenal!!! I have lost pounds, my strength and stamina are increasing weekly, and I feel happier/less stressed!!!! The good doctor’s LWA program is worth every penny!!! Thanks for helping me to think differently about my health and keep me accountable!”  Darlene  


“I am absolutely loving this series! You and Dr. Waxman are so amazing, encouraging, full of life! Seriously, you are such a role model for me. The things I have learned thus far have encouraged me to care for ME. If I don’t care well for myself, I don’t have much to offer to others.  So thank you for giving me the permission to make my desired workouts a priority. Thank you for giving me tools to take captive self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from the best version of me. I find myself thinking I never want this series to end. I’m hooked!“ Kristin


“After your presentation on Microbiomes / Harmful Habits, my husband and I are so excited to say we are in CAMP A: Committed!!!!!  Thank you and Dr. Waxman for sharing your journey and teaching us how the body works. Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious.  I am learning each day how to dump the BS (blame/shame) and see myself differently.”  Teresa