About Living Well Aware

Come learn more about Living WELL Aware – Who we are, what our mission is, and about the thousands of people we have helped take control of their health and ultimately discover true fulfillment in life.

Whether a one-day conference or a 3 to 4 hour wellness workshop, our medically accurate programs provide the latest recommendations on disease prevention through healthy living. Attendees report proven healthy outcomes including an increase in physical activity and a decrease in body weight.

Dr. Sulak is available for keynote addresses, workshops, and LWA Conferences


Dr Sulak’s 2nd Book Now Available!

Living WELL Aware: Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness is a comprehensive wellness program available as a printed 276 page workbook. With extensive information on each health topic, the wellness program elaborates on the essential elements outlined in Dr Sulak’s book Should I Fire My Doctor? and includes 13 lessons, each with extensive informational material, worksheets, resource lists, and knowledge tests. It’s a great program to go through individually or as a group.



Dennie Spears
Dennie SpearsTexas A&M Engineering
Dr Sulak,I really enjoyed your presentation. Since I heard you speak two weeks ago, I've gone from four diet sodas a day to none.  Actually, I back slid one day and had one.  After I got over the shock of soda deprivation, I'll try to give up the ranch dressing.  Arrrrgh.
Garland Cole, Partner
Garland Cole, PartnerAshley Cole Benefits, LLC
Hi Dr. Sulak,Thank you so much for the transformative workshop at Concordia this past Saturday. I was on the planning committee and excited about what your message could bring to so many women. Little did I know what a profound effect it would have on me. The statistical information followed by practical steps for our physical and emotional well-being was life changing for this 72 year old woman with high cholesterol, hypertension, afib who thought I was in fairly good shape for my age. I am still active at work with no plans for retirement (Scripture doesn’t talk about retirement), ...